20 rue Bouvier
75011 Paris



Business sectors


Combat vest

Bulletproof vest

Rucksack accessories (glasses, combat visors, helicopter transportation of charges)

Combat clothes and uniforms (military, police)

Combat tents



Medical instruments (machine for physiotherapists)

Lead vest for radiologist

Clothes and accessories for disabled persons and elderly people

Accessories for the post-operative care


Production lines of tires (truck wheels)

Industrial clothes (building site, factory)

Uniforms : receptionist, hotels, cooking clothes, clothes for airline staff, hairdresser coats



Extreme sport (climbing, bicycling, skiing, hunting, parachuting)

Sea (windsurfing, scuba diving, surfboarding)

Equitation (accessories for horses)


Opera, theater, cinema (outfits and scenery)

Removable lighting



Haute couture accessories (purse, shoes, glasses)

Corsetry, lingerie

Distribution of SYSTEMMAG’s Customer Base

Since the company creation our turnover was mainly achieved in France (especially in the PAP sector). However the customer base expands the last six years.

An increase in demand of more industrial and technical customers allowed us to export internationally and to diversify the supply in order to meet their needs at best.

Répartition de la Clientèle

A real potential for our products was identified in the industry and we hope to structure partnerships with industrialists in the military field, healthcare and sport.

We hope for a boom in export sales and for a growth of the export turnover rate. We want to reach 95% abroad and 5% in France in order to limit the risks linked to French market weaknesses.

20 rue Bouvier
75011 Paris