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Press release

SYSTEMMAG®: The magnetic system, the magic system

SYSTEMMAG®, a company founded in 2000 by Eric SITBON, inventor of a revolutionary magnetic clasp system, is dedicated to the development of the new product and to its marketing

This original system has already been an award-winner of three contests, two of them were organized by the Ministry of Research. It has already attracted famous brands.

Two kinds of products are enough to replace existing systems :

1) magnetic zips

2) magnetized strips

These strips are created with small « articulated magnets » glued on a plastic base allowing SYSTEMMAG to open, to close and to adjust easily. When the two parts of this clasp are placed together, the magnetization is powerful enough to maintain in contact two parts of an item of clothing or of any other accessory.

The system flexibility provides a huge suppleness therefore guaranteeing a comfort for the customer. Moreover it finds applications in a multitude of fields such as the medical, military, industrial, sport, showbiz or the ready-to-wear ones....

The main advantages of the system

  • Easy-to-use (for dressing and undressing)
  • Flexibility and articulation (freedom of movement)
  • Accurate adjustment through an easy moving of the articulated magnets in their sleeve.
  • In compliance with the human ecology standards (OEKO-TEX certification)

20 rue Bouvier
75011 Paris