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Accurate clasp adjustment : movable Magnet Block in the sheath, adjusting very accurate range, free choice of the adjusting range as required by the customer.

Closing power : choice of the number of magnets according to the wanted clasp resistance, strong possible powers (until 100 kg and more …).

Long lifespan : permanent magnets with a lifespan estimated at more than twenty years, good resistance against the external environment (water, snow, sand … ), use - 50 °C / -58 °F to + 90°C / 194 °F.

Easy-to-use :the clasp gets into position (through the alternating polarity) and fasters automatically when the two parts are brought closer (proximity of the two magnetic fields).

Our clasps open and close easily with one hand. Fully appreciated characteristic especially for :

  • children : getting dressed or undressed by themselves
  • elderly people or with reduced mobility (eg : problems with gripping ability, arthritis)
  • disabled or injured persons (eg : immobilized arm)

Closing and Opening speed : time saving (eg : military applications, shows, theater). .

Flexibility : the articulation of the small magnets and the elastic binder allow the clasp to fit complex shapes such as those of the human body.

Sound and touch-sensitive effects during the closing (comforting), feeling of good quality, luxury sense.

Fun, innovative and high-tech : new approach of the idea of closing or fasten clothes and accessories.

Cold: The lower the temperature of the surrounding air is, the more important the power of the magnets is (there is an increase of 5% every 10°C / 50°F reduction from 20°C / 68°F on, the reference temperature of usual tests. Or, for example, an increase of 15% at -10°C /14 °F for a « mountain » use).

Innovation : SYSTEMMAG® products are protected through three international invention patents, especially guaranteeing an efficient legal protection against counterfeiting.

Standards : Our products are REACH and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, class 2 certified, internationally recognized label in the field of protection of persons concerning unwanted substance rates. The certified products ensure the customer full safety in relation to skin contact, especially for irritation or allergy risks … They were tested and certified by internationally recognized laboratories, guaranteeing your safety as such. For example, our magnets are nickel-free, even though this product is often used for coating.

Adaptability : opportunity to fit our products in a large range of applications as well as very different business sectors. Many possible application configurations.

20 rue Bouvier
75011 Paris